These Metrics and Dimensions Can't Be Fetched Together / Incompatible Fields

This is a general guide that covers these errors about invalid field combinations:

These metrics and dimensions can't be fetched together

Incompatible fields: fieldname1, fieldname2  IllegalDimensionMetricCombinationException (Supermetrics request ID: xxxxxx)


The most common reason for this error is that the query contains one or more fields that cannot be requested together. This is usually due to restrictions in the data source API (incompatible report types, field section limitations, privacy protections). In most cases, Supermetrics cannot do anything about this as the issue is within the data source API itself.

Do be aware that fields used as filters and sorts are part of the query and can trip this error as well.


If the error is clear about which metric/dimension is the issue, remove it from your query to remove the error.

If the error is unclear about which metric/dimension is the issue, remove them from the query, one at a time, until the query runs. Once you have found the problem field(s), you can update the query to run without it.

If the field is essential to your reporting, you can work around the error by creating a second query with the incompatible field and another field that can be used as a join key (like IDs). You can then use spreadsheet functions to join the data together into one table with the key (or use data blending if Data Studio).

For queries that have multiple report types in the configuration (like MailChimp, LinkedIn Pages, SEMrush, etc.), the error can be due from using a field that is not part of the report type. You may need to select a different report to allow you to use the field.

Escalating to Support

If you cannot figure out which field is the problem or you are certain it should be a valid combination, then please gather the following pieces of information and put it into a new Support Request:

  • Confirm that you have completed the data access permissions for support: Granting Permission for Data Access to Support
  • Provide the query ID or screenshot showing the full configuration (including sorts and filters). You can also send us the report link with edit access to
  • Provide the full error text
  • If you believe the error is wrong, provide evidence that the field combination should work, such as a screenshot of the combination working in the data sources own reporting UI or a link to the API documentation

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