Using report templates with Google Sheets

This guide will show you how to use our ready-made templates for Supermetrics for Google Sheets.

1. In a Google Sheets spreadsheet, open the Supermetrics sidebar and click on the menu icon in the top left corner. In the menu that opens, click on Open template gallery.

2. You can find templates for different data sources and marketing needs, such as tracking website analytics or advertising on different channels.

  • Click on View template to open a preview of the template in a new tab.

Once you have selected which template to use, click on Add template.

3. Select which account's data to add to the template, and click on Insert the template. Your own data will be populated into the template, and your report is ready.

  • If you choose a Channel Mix template that uses multiple data sources, please note that for the template to work, you will need to select at least one of these data sources. Selecting all is not required.

If you need to modify the template, the best way is to change the parameters directly through the SupermetricsQueries -sheet. 

  • Please note that modifying some of the templates may require more knowledge about spreadsheet formulas, as they have been developed by spreadsheet experts.

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