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How to use Adform advanced conversion reporting

By default, the Supermetrics Adform data source only tracks total conversions and the 3 basic conversion types. Users however may want to define conversions differently than the 3 types or target specific conversions.

To support these additional use cases, new functionality has been added to use the tracking filters in Adform to filter results out by those tracked conversions. The Tracking Filter ID is added to an advanced option text box, and it will filter the query results based on that filter's settings.


Step 1: Getting the Tracking Filter ID

  1. Log into your Adform FLOW dashboard.
  2. In the left sidebar, click AudiencesSite Tracking.
  3. Click the Tracking Filters tab.
  4. Find the filter in the list you want to use and record the ID number.Image showing a table of tracking filters in the Adform UI. Orange arrow points to the tracking ID number for a filter called "life click-out" as the example of a conversion filter to use

If you need to set up new tracking filters, see Adform's help guide.

Step 2: Using the Tracking Filter ID

The Tracking filter ID text box will be under the advanced settings of the data source. Place the ID you copied from before into the box, and when the query is run, it will use that filter on the data coming from Adform.

Example from Google Sheets

Image shows a red box highlighting the Tracking filter ID: text box in the Google Sheets Options drop-down. The Tracking filter ID box has an example ID of 192291

The setting only accepts one filter ID. You will need to make additional queries if you want to use additional filter IDs.

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