Error "Confirm logout: Cannot execute query"

This guide will walk you through how to fix the error: "Confirm logout: cannot execute query". 

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This error occurs when a user is trying to log out a token on the token management page in team site while the token is associated with an active transfer in any of Supermetrics Data Warehouse products. 

This error is to prevent deleting accidentally the token associated and thus causing the transfers to fail.

How to fix

To fix this error you will need to delete the related transfer, log out from the related token, and re-configure the transfer. In the example below, we will show how to troubleshoot with BigQuery specifically. Please note that the steps on how to log out from tokens are applicable for all Supermetrics Data Warehouse products. 

Delete related transfer

  1. Go to transfer page at:
  2. Select the transfer you wish to transfer which is associated with that specific token & data source.
  3. Click on delete. Before deleting the transfer, please be aware to save its settings (name, destination dataset, etc.) in some other place (for example notepad). Those settings will come useful when creating a new transfer.

Log out from the token

  1. After the transfer is deleted, go to - Please make sure that the transfer is deleted, if uncertain, go to the section "delete a transfer". 
  2. Check the list or use the search function to find the "Data source" and "Login" account pair you wish to log out.
  3. Click on Log out in that row.

Re-configure the transfer 

  1. Re-configure the transfer by following all the steps from this guide:
    How to configure a data transfer in BigQuery.

Further assistance

If you followed all the steps above and you still encounter the same error, please create a support ticket with all the details and we will assist you. 

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