How to re-authenticate a Supermetrics API connector

In some cases, you may need to re-authenticate your user account to the data source for the connector. The below instructions show you how to do this, using Facebook Ads as an example. Similar steps work for most Supermetrics connectors.

1. Go to the Team Management site at and log in with a valid Google user account. In the top navigation, go to INTEGRATIONS → Query Manager to open the sidebar.

With API you can either choose JSON, PowerBI, Qlik, or Tableau. Please note that DWH is not part of the API product. 

2. Click the X next to the data source name to log out. 

3. Click Ok to confirm. 

4. To login again, click back on the data source.

  • A new window or tab will open in your browser to start the login process. Follow the prompts to log back into the data source with your account.

For instructions on how to setup a query with API, go to this link

Further Assistance

If you followed all the steps above and you still encounter an error, please create a new support request with the details of the issue and we will assist you.

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