Discrepancies with YouTube results

Video/subscriber count

The subscriber and video counts may have discrepancies if you're not using the CHANNEL TOTALS account option. Using any other setting, or combination of settings, will result in the the fields having multiplied values for each video listed in the results. 

Incompatible fields

YouTube's reporting API has some restrictions on which fields you can pull together. For example if you try pull video views and split them by gender, you will see an error about incompatible fields. According to the API documentation it looks like you can't fetch views with gender, because views is a video level metric, and gender is related to the user. Viewer percentage is a metric you can split by Gender because it's measured on user level.

You can always refer to the documentation at https://developers.google.com/youtube/analytics/v2/available_reports for more information about how YouTube's reporting structure is built. 

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