Discrepancies with HubSpot Results

This article covers the most common kinds of discrepancies seen with HubSpot queries. Unless otherwise specified, the entire article should apply to all Supermetrics products that support the HubSpot connector.

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Discrepancies due to normal latency

The import only runs about once a day so the data is not to-the-minute fresh, but roughly 24 hours behind. Please check the import status in the team site to see when it last updated How to Monitor Your HubSpot Import Status

Incomplete or Suspended Data Importation

As the amount of data a HubSpot account can contain can be extremely large, the Supermetrics connector for HubSpot caches the data in order to provide the reporting efficiently and improve performance. This means that the data may take some time to import fully, possibly taking multiple days depending on the size of the account.

How to Monitor Your HubSpot Import Status

So, please check that your data importation has been completed before running Supermetrics queries.

Note that this affects HubSpot custom properties (for "Contacts", "Companies", and "Deals") as well, those fields will only become available when the latest imports complete.

Timezone and Advanced Date Settings

One of the most common reasons for data discrepancies in HubSpot is a mismatch in either the timezone or advanced date settings being used for the query. If the settings for the query don't match those used in the HubSpot reporting UI, the results will not align. 

HubSpot Advanced Date Settings

If the query settings do NOT match HubSpot settings, adjust the query so that it is using the exact same timezone and advanced date settings.

WARNING - Different HubSpot accounts may be using different settings in HubSpot. If you are selecting multiple HubSpot Portals for your query, make sure to check them all and adjust accordingly. You may need separate queries if you are not able to unify the settings across all portals.

Certain Results Don't Match HubSpot UI

Email-related and certain other fields require the "content" permission scope which can only be granted to Supermetrics by users with "Super Admin" rights to a HubSpot account.

You can find more information here and here.

If you checked all these and are still seeing discrepancies, see the section Escalating to Support below for what to do next.

Escalating to Support

If you've checked everything above and you still believe that Supermetrics has a discrepancy with the results in the HubSpot Interface, then please gather the following information and place it in a new Support request:

  • A screenshot showing the incorrect value in the Supermetrics product
  • A screenshot showing the configuration of the query in Supermetrics that is incorrect (or the query ID if using Google Sheets)
  • A screenshot from the HubSpot UI of the results that you should with Supermetrics for the same date range as the Supermetrics Query
  • Portal ID(s) for the concerned account(s) - screenshot guide below.

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