Discrepancies in Pinterest Ads

This guide will cover the most common reasons for discrepancies between Pinterest's own reporting UI and Supermetrics Pinterest Ads connector.

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Missing campaigns

If you see discrepancies in overall metrics and some campaigns do not return in your reports, there is a known limitation from Pinterest API that does not support "Internally managed campaigns"

"Internally managed campaigns" are those that are or have been managed by your Pinterest account manager. Unfortunately, these campaigns are not supported by Pinterest API and, therefore, are not returning with Supermetrics connector either. However, you can view these campaigns in the Pinterest UI tool. 

If you recognize that you are missing some campaigns in your reports using our Supermetrics connector, please check with Pinterest support if these campaigns have been marked as internally managed.

Known discrepancies with the attribution window setting (7/0/0 or 1/0/0)

When using attribution windows "7/0/0" or "1/0/0" in Pinterest Ads own administration/reporting system (https://ads.pinterest.com/) you get results for "7/1/1" or "1/1/1" because PIA's administration system converts 0 days to 1 days automatically.

Supermetrics Pinterest Ads connector doesn't do this type of conversion and "7 d click" and "1 d click" (as seen in the connector settings) will behave truly as "7/0/0" or "1/0/0".

Selecting "7/0/0" or "1/0/0" in PIA's administration would result in different numbers than in our connector under same conditions. Basically, our Supermetrics provided Pinterest Ads connector is able to give more accurate results. 

Mismatch in conversion settings

When your conversion/ attribution window settings are neither 7/0/0 nor 1/0/0, and you still see the discrepancies, please check that you have matched BOTH the conversion/ attribution window settings and conversion date for daily reporting in Pinterest's own reporting UI and Supermetrics connector configuration.

How to check for conversion settings in Pinterest UI

Go to Ads --> Reporting --> click on the box "Conversion settings (x/x/x)":

You can see your conversion settings as follow:

Conversion settings in Data Studio

Conversion settings in Google Sheets

Engaging support

If you confirm that both Conversion/ attribution settings and conversion date for daily reporting are matched between Pinterest's own reporting UI and Supermetrics' results and your campaigns are not internally managed but still see discrepancies, please gather the following information and place it in a new Support ticket:

  • Confirm that you have followed the steps in this article completely.
  • Include screenshots showing the differences between Supermetrics results and Pinterest own reporting UI. Make sure the date ranges are exactly the same in each screenshot.
  • Include the link to the report with the discrepancy issue, make sure support@supermetrics.com has EDIT access to the file.
  • Include a screenshot of the conversion setting configuration from Pinterest's own UI.

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