Discrepancies in Pinterest Ads

Discrepancies caused by attribution window setting

When using attribution windows "7/0/0" or "1/0/0" in Pinterest Ads own administration/reporting system (https://ads.pinterest.com/) you  get results for "7/1/1" or "1/1/1" because PIA's administration system converts 0 days to 1 days automatically.

Supermetrics Pinterest Ads connector doesn't do this type of conversion and "7 d click" and "1 d click" (as seen in the connector settings) will behave truly as "7/0/0" or "1/0/0".

Selecting "7/0/0" or "1/0/0" in PIA's administration would result in different numbers than in our connector under same conditions. Basically, our Supermetrics provided Pinterest Ads connector is able to give more accurate results. 

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