Why can't I save the file to OneDrive when scheduling triggers

To set up scheduled refreshes in Excel, the file must be saved first to a OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or a SharePoint drive location. The file cannot be a macro-enabled spreadsheet (XLSM files) as these files are not supported.

When you setup the scheduled refresh for the first time, we will ask you to authorize the access to one or more drives. This is done only once and you can use only one account. This account must have sufficient permissions to save files to the drive.

When creating scheduled refreshes for files, Supermetrics for Excel will search for the file from each drive you have access to. If we can't find the file from any of the drives or if macros are enabled on the file, you will see the following message:

Please make sure the file is stored to one of the displayed drives. Click on the 'Open drive' link to verify that the file is located in the intended drive.

In case you do not see a drive you have access to, the reason might be one of the following:

1. Access to the drive has been granted with a group access. We do not currently ask for the necessary permissions to search for these kinds of drives.

2. The Sharepoint drive is nested to a Site within another Site. These kinds of drives are not supported.

In case you need to schedule refresh to a file on drive that is not shown, the recommended action to take would be to share the file with your own drive which Supermetrics for Excel has access to. Updates to shared files are normally saved to the original file as well.

Please contact support to revoke any previous authorizations.

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