How to Monitor Your HubSpot Import Status

As the amount of data a HubSpot account can contain can be extremely large, the Supermetrics connector for HubSpot will cache the data in order to provide the reporting and improve performance. This means that the data may take some time to import fully, possibly taking multiple days depending on the size of the account.

To help you monitor your data import, there is a tool within the Team Management site that lists the status of each type of report.

  1. Log into with your Supermetrics license account.
  2. Click on MONITORING.
  3. Click on HUBSPOT. You should see a list of different portals you have connected with Supermetrics.

    Blue boxes highlight the path from MONITORING to HUBSPOT, then showing the example portal

  4. Click on the Monitor button to see the import activity of that portal account.
  5. You should get an overview on the left of the import job status and also a specific list of report types and their progress:

    Example import job overview in Team Management site for HubSpot portal

If the "Initial import" is not completed, you will not be able to request the data for that type until it is done. As noted at the start, it could take days for larger accounts to import all their data.

If the import job notes it is SUSPENDED, the reason should be given below that section. For example, this message means that the HubSpot account may not have access to that part of the API, which could be due to lack of permissions for the authorizing user or lack of access for the account in general.Blue box highlights the text that "Current HubSpot account level does not support this import".

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