Querying Conversion Types in Quora Ads

In the Quora Ads data source, there are two methods to query the Conversion Type, each with their own limitations and restrictions on how you can use them.

Method #1 - Conversion Type Dimension

The "Conversion Type" dimension will show the conversion types but it can only be used with the following other fields:

  • Conversions
  • Conversion rate (%)

This dimension cannot be used with any other metrics, like impressions, etc., so those must be requested as a separate query without the "Conversion Type" field. You can also use the second method noted below as that does work with other metrics.

Method #2 - Conversion Type Setting

There is an optional setting where you can define a specific conversion type to use for the request. All data will be filtered according to that drop-down setting and you can use other metrics besides those for the conversions with this. This means though that only one conversion type can be used per query with this setting.

Example of Conversion type setting in Google Sheets:

Example of Conversion type setting in Data Studio:

Orange box highlights the "Conversion type" drop-down in the main data source file configuration for Data Studio

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