Troubleshooting Permissions Issues with Salesforce

Salesforce allows for custom permissions for access, which if not configured properly to work with the Salesforce data source from Supermetrics, can cause issues for the user trying to connect. Below are the most common issues a user could run into that would prevent Supermetrics from being able to access accounts or data, and how to resolve them.

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Version of Salesforce Does Not Support API Access

Some versions of Salesforce cannot be used with their API by default, and thus cannot be used with Supermetrics as we need API access to get your data. Listed here are the versions that do and do not support API access:

If you are using a version that does not come with API Access, please contact your Salesforce account manager to see if they can enable it for you (this may come with additional costs for your Salesforce instance).

API Not Enabled for This Organization or Partner

API Access must be granted to the user that will be logging into Salesforce via Supermetrics, else they may see this error or not be able to log in.

Please see these guides about how to change permissions for a user to enable API access (you may need your system administrator to help you with this):

User Does Not Have Access to Data/Fields

In addition to the API access, the user also must have rights to see the objects and data that they wish to query. These can be enabled per object and even per field.

Due to the complexity and customizability of the permissions (every client instance may be unique), we can't offer specific advice on how to fix this. Please contact your Salesforce administrator for further help checking and adjusting your access permissions to the data you need to query.

Administrator-Defined Access Settings

The Salesforce administrator can dictate special access settings such as time-based access to lock users out during off-hours. These kinds of settings can cause the Salesforce connector to appear to stop working the users access has been turned off due to being "off the clock". Especially if using automated features, like automated refresh triggers in Sheets, or if report viewers are in other timezones, these settings can cause the queries to fail.

We recommend for the best experience that these settings are disabled for the user that will be accessing Salesforce via Supermetrics. Please talk to your Salesforce administrator for further help in determining if you are affected by this and if they can removed.

IP-Specific Access

Supermetrics is run through cloud computing services, which can have changing IPs for the servers, and well as using dynamic IP assignment. More plainly, our IPs rotate constantly and can change at any time.

So unfortunately due to this, we do not support Salesforce configurations which must be accessed via a specific IP (or range) as we can't guarantee our IPs are always the same. The user will need these restrictions removed by the Salesforce administrator in order for Supermetrics to work properly.

Application Token Limits / Token Expiration

Salesforce has a limit of 5 access tokens per application. When the 6th is requested, the 1st one is revoked. What this means for the user is that one cannot be logged into Salesforce with same account more than 5 times without losing the oldest login. So if other users are sharing the same account to query with Supermetrics, you may get token expiration errors.

To workaround this, be mindful of were you are logged in and give user access via their own accounts.

The Salesforce admin can customize the lifetime of the access tokens. By default they should be set to "until manually revoked", but they can be set to much shorter periods, which means you have to re-authenticate in Supermetrics constantly.

If you experience very short token periods and have to re-authenticate constantly, contact your Salesforce administrator to see if they an adjust your token timeout to be longer to make using Supermetrics easier.

Other Access Issues Not Covered

Salesforce permissions can be incredibly complex and unique to each client, and Supermetrics generally cannot assist with these issues. So we strongly recommend you work with your Salesforce admin to check your permissions to ensure everything is configured to allow API access for your user profile to see the data you want. They will have the knowledge about how everything was configured for your specific instance and are in the best position to help resolve these problems.

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