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Salesforce: Permissions troubleshooting guide

Salesforce allows for custom permissions settings. If these aren’t configured properly, you might encounter difficulty logging in and accessing your data via Supermetrics.

This guide walks through solutions for some of the most common issues with Salesforce permission settings.

Access via specific IPs

Supermetrics is run through cloud computing services, which means servers can change IPs.

As a result, it doesn’t support Salesforce configurations that have to be accessed via a specific IP (or range). 

To fix this, your Salesforce administrator should remove these restrictions.

API access isn’t supported

Some versions of Salesforce don’t support API access. As it fetches data from the API, Supermetrics isn’t able to connect to these versions.

Read Salesforce’s documentation for a list of all versions that don’t support API access.

To fix this, contact your Salesforce administrator to update your version of Salesforce.

Administrator-defined access settings

A Salesforce administrator can create special access settings, such as time-based access that locks users out during certain times of day. 

These kinds of settings can cause the Salesforce connector to appear to stop working during times of day when access has been revoked. This can also cause scheduled queries to fail.

To fix this, talk to your Salesforce administrator about your user’s access settings.

Error: Access denied

If you see an error message reading Access denied: User is not allowed to get Organization information, your Salesforce administrator should check your permissions.

  1. Open Salesforce.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Click Users and then Profiles.
  4. Click Profile.
  5. Open the System Permissions.
  6. In the "View Setup and Configuration" row, make sure that the box next to "View the App Setup and Administrative Settings pages" is ticked.
Incorrect permissions for API, data, or fields

The user logging into Salesforce through Supermetrics needs API access. If they don’t have it, they’ll see an error reading “API not enabled for this organization partner”.

They’ll also see an error if they don’t have rights to see the objects and data that they want to query with Supermetrics.

To fix this, contact your administrator for help granting the right permissions.

Token limits and expired tokens

Salesforce has a limit of 5 access tokens per application. When the sixth token is requested, the first one is revoked. 

This means that the user can’t log into Salesforce with the same account more than 5 times without losing the oldest login. If more than 1 person is sharing the same account to query with Supermetrics, you might see token expiration errors.

To fix this, give users access via their own accounts, or talk to your Salesforce administrator.

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