How to Connect to Adobe Analytics with Service Account

To connect Supermetrics to Adobe Analytics reporting API using JWT, you will need to set up a Service Account integration to your Adobe Analytics instance. This is currently the only type of access Adobe supports that does not require constant user re-authorization for Supermetrics.

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Before You Begin

What is a Service Account?

It's a special kind of user account for applications, that in this case, is limited to only access the Adobe Analytics product. There's other benefits too:

  • The Service Account can be configured to have access more than one organization
  • You can manage and monitor access from Adobe I/O Console


The following conditions must be met to set up a Service Account with Adobe:

  • You must have have access to an Adobe Analytics product
  • You must have the System Administrator or Developer user role in your organization
  • You will also need to get the Public key certificate file from us - more details in the Getting Your Public Key Certificate section below

Step #1 - Getting Your Public Key Certificate

You can download your unique Public key certificate from the login page for the connector:

Orange arrow points to blue link to "Click here to download your public key certificate", a file required for connection setup

To get to this page, please attempt to log into the Adobe Analytics data source in the Supermetrics product. Click the "Click here to download your public key certificate" link to download the file and have it ready to use in Step #2 below (you can also give the link to your Adobe administrator to download the file for you).

Please note that each file is unique to each user for that product and will only work for the Supermetrics license account attempting to log in. If you need Adobe access for multiple accounts or for multiple licenses/different products, each user will need to generate the file (or get the link) from this location and have each key certificate added to the service account integration by the Adobe administrator.

Step #2 - Setting Up Your Service Account Integration

This section guides you through setting up the Service Account for Adobe.

  1. Go to Adobe I/O Console ( to start the integrations process.
    • Make sure you log into the site as an account that has administrator rights to your Adobe Analytics product, else you may not be able to complete the steps.
  2. Click Projects and then Create new project.

    Orange arrows point to "Project" in the upper-left to open the correct section, and then the blue button "Create new project" to get started with the set up process

  3. Click Edit project and give the project a meaningful name, perhaps referencing this is for the Supermetrics data source integration.
  4. Click Add API.

    Orange arrow points to "Add API" option with blue electrical plug icon

  5. Click the card for "Adobe Analytics" to select it and then click Next.

    In the "Add an API" page, an orange arrow points to the "Adobe Analytics" option, and then to the blue "Next" button to continue

  6. Select the "Service Account (JWT)" card and click Next.

    Orange arrow points to the "Service account (JWT)" card and then the blue "Next" button

  7. Select "Option 2 Upload your public key". Drag and drop or select the file you created in Step #1 - Getting Your Public Key Certificate. Click Next.

    Orange arrow points to "Option 2" which opens an accordion UI element which then asks to drag and drop or select a file to use

  8. You will now see the set service account. Click Next to continue with the setup.
  9. The next page should show you a list of product profiles to enable to use with the API. Please select at least one from the list (this should likely be the profiles who will have reporting access).
  10. Click Save configuration to complete the setup.
  11. Go back to the "Projects" page and select the project set up in step 1.
  12. On the right-hand side, you will see the APIS listed. Click on "Adobe Analytics" to reveal the API keys needed for the next steps.

    Orange arrow points to the "Adobe Analytics" option under the APIS header on the left-hand column of options

  13. You will need the Client ID, Technical account ID, Organization ID and client secret to allow Supermetrics to use this Service Account. Keep these values handy and proceed to the next section to connect Supermetrics.

    Orange arrows point to the four objects needed for login - the Client ID, the Client Secret, the Technical Account ID and the Organization ID. All four are necessary to have ready to use in the next steps

Step #3 - Connecting Supermetrics to Adobe Analytics

Once you have completed setting up your Service Account integration you can now connect Supermetrics to your Adobe data with it.

  1. Open your Supermetrics product and click on the Adobe Analytics data source.
  2. Select the option to Connect with a Service Account.
  3. A new window should open asking you for the four parts for authentication that you obtained at the end of setting up your service integration: Client ID, Technical account ID, Organization ID and client secret. Fill those and click START to continue with the authentication process.

    Example authentication form for Supermetrics showing the 4 needed fields to connect with your new Adobe service account integration.

  4. Once the credentials are validated, click Create to finalize the connection.
  5. You are now ready to create queries with the Adobe Analytics connector!

Further Assistance

If you have issues with the Supermetrics connection part of the process, please create a new support request with the details of the issue and we will assist you.

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