How Do I Get the "Results" Field as Seen in Facebook Ad Manager?

There is no direct way to get just the "Results" field values like you see in the Facebook Ad Manager, but as these values are conversions, you can instead use the appropriate conversion metric.

For example, here we have "Leads" as a result for a campaign:

Orange box around "leads" result value in the Facebook Ad Manager.

To then get this value in our reports, we can either use the "Website Leads" metric in Supermetrics, as demonstrated here in Data Studio:

Example setup to get "Leads" result from the "Website leads" metric.

Or you can use the "Actions"/"Action Type" query to get the conversions (this is required to get "Results" based on custom conversions):

Alternative example showing how to get the "Leads" result with the action type instead.

Note that in both cases the "Leads" value equals that of the "Results" shown in the Ad Manager.

If you need to get data for custom conversion-based results, see How to Query for Facebook Ads Custom Conversions for more guidance.

If you find that that your "Results" field does not match the value returns for that metric, double-check that you are using the correct version of that metric. Some have multiple values, like "Leads (form)" and "Website Leads". Also verify that your attribution window setting for your query matches that of your Ad Manager: 

Facebook Ads Discrepancies Due to Conversion Windows

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