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How to fix Google errors

This guide will walk you through how to fix these errors:

  • This action is not supported when you are logged in to multiple accounts
  • This was a reauthorization request for user A, but you logged in as user B.
  • The script completed but did not return anything.

Google services don’t support add-ons when you’re logged in with multiple Google Accounts. As Supermetrics is an add-on, it’s impacted by this.


Star ⭐ the Google bug tracker

Google has committed to changing this rule. Visit this Google bug report to learn more. If you'd like to help speed up the fix from Google's side, please click on the star in this Google Bug report. 


Solution 1

Log out of all Google Accounts other than the one you use for Supermetrics. 

Solution 2

Open an Incognito window, and log in with only the Google Account you use for Supermetrics.


If the error persists with Data Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Log out from all user accounts in Data Studio. Under the Data Studio tab, follow the section Remove users
  2. Reauthenticate the data source.
  3. Remove the data source from Data Studio. Under the Data Studio tab, follow the section Remove and revoke a data source with Data Studio

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