Query Getting Stuck/Time Outs When Using Floodlight Variables

This guide applies to the following errors/situations when trying to pull data for Flood Variable fields from Google Campaign Manager/DFA:

  • Query gets stuck and progress bar halts
  • Timeout errors
  • Query Failed: Results not ready yet

Because of the way the API works, we have to request a separate report for every "Advertiser", and this causes the query to run very slowly and often time out if the account has a large number of advertisers attached to it. To work around this issue, we have included a special fix that lets you to define an "Advertiser" filter to limit the number of requests.

You can use either EQUALS or CONTAINS on the advertiser name filter. For example:

Advertiser EQUALS MyAdvertiserName

Note that as Data Studio handles filters post-query, this workaround doesn't work for that system.

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