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How to display images or ad creatives in Data Studio tables

Using filter parameters for the data source (such as the account/page name or time zone, for example) in Data Studio tables renders images or ad creatives as a URL. Read more about this feature in Google’s documentation.

By disabling the filter parameters, you can display images or ad creatives in Data Studio tables that pull data with Supermetrics.


  1. Open your report in Data Studio.
  2. Click the Edit icon next to the data source.
  3. Click Edit connection.
  4. Disable all of the settings that Allow 'X' to be modified in reports.

    If you need a specific setting for this report, you need to set it manually. Be aware this can change other reports using the same data source, so you might need to configure those differently or add a new data source for them with different account settings.

  5. Click Reconnect.
  6. If the report is not refreshed, click Fixed invalid values under Parameters.
  7. Click Reset invalid parameters.
  8. If you also had these set as a report default — where the data source was configured for the full report — you might have to do the same action under File and then Report Settings (the same Fix invalid values option will be there in the settings to reset).

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