How to Add Images/Creatives to Your Report from URL Fields

If you have a dimension from a data source that returns a URL to an image, such as your ad creatives, post pictures, or product logos, you can use one of the methods outlined below to convert that URL text into the image to add to your report.

Method #1 - Modifying the Field Settings in the Report Element

Data Studio now allows you to change the URL display type, called "Show as" in the report to convert URLs into images.

  1. Add the URL dimension to your report that has the link to the image.
  2. Click the icon next to the field name to see the data type and display settings.

    Blue arrow points to "abc" icon next to dimension name to open submenu for data type settings

  3. If the Type is not already set to "URL", change that setting by clicking on the drop-down and selecting "URL".
  4. This should then add an additional drop-down for the Show as, how the data is displayed. Select " Image" from the drop-down. The text URLs should then convert to images!

    Blue box around the "Show as" drop-down, that changes how the URL is displayed in the report. Background shows icons displayed instead of text URLs

Method #2 - Creating a Custom Calculated Field with Image() Function

Data Studio also has a special function for calculated fields, Image(), that will convert URL dimensions into images.

  1. Click on the Edit icon next to the data source name to open the field menu.
  2. Click + ADD A FIELD.

    Orange arrows point to icon to edit a data source and then to the "ADD A FIELD" link in the field edit menu

  3. The field menu will change to the calculated column editor.
  4. Give the field a meaningful name under Field Name. In the Formula section type:


    <NameOfDimension> will be the URL field that links to the image (for example in Facebook Ads, you can use "Post image URL", and in Twitter Ads you can use "Tweet card image URL"). Note that the formula has help text when you start to type it and will auto-complete field names as you add them!

    Example custom field using the Image() formula to turn Facebook Ads field "Post image URL" into an image rather than a text link

  5. Click SAVE and then click DONE to go back to editing the report.
  6. You can now add your custom field just like a normal dimension to the report element.

    Blue arrow pointing to custom field "PostImage" that now displays the post's image in the table next to the URL dimension that shows only the text

If your images are showing up as URLs instead, see Images or Ad Creatives Appear as a Link in Data Studio for how to fix that.

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