How can I upgrade my license from Pro to Super Pro level?

You can now upgrade from a Pro license to a Super Pro license in Team Management. This works for both the Supermetrics for Google Drive and Supermetrics for Data Studio products.

  1. Log into Team Management with your Supermetrics User account -
  2. Click on the LICENSES tab.
  3. Find the license for Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Supermetrics for Excel, or Data Studio that you wish to upgrade in the list.
  4. Click Manage to see the license details.

  5. Click on the UPGRADE TO SUPER PRO under Details, if it is eligible to be upgraded.

    Blue box highlighting red-text button to "UPGRADE TO SUPER PRO"

    IMPORTANT: Subscriptions with PayPal that have auto-renewal enabled cannot be upgraded this way to due to limitations with PayPal. You will have to repurchase the license as Super Pro and disable the prior license. If you have questions, please submit a request to support for further assistance.

  6. A pop-up will appear describing what will be done to perform the upgrade. Please read the text carefully as not all upgrades are handled the same way - some will charge extra and some will decrease the license time based on the price difference (see table below for specifics).
  7. If you accept the action to be done, click UPGRADE to complete the process.

    Example pop-up for upgrading with conditions listed and red "UPGRADE" button to accept.

Here's the general actions, based on scenario, that can happen when upgrading:

Payment MethodAuto-renewal StatusBundle?Upgrade Action
StripeDisabledNOCharge card for remaining days at Super Pro price
StripeEnabledNOCharge card for remaining days AND update the auto-renewal charge to Super Pro price
StripeDisabledYESCharge card for remaining days at Super Pro price and upgrade only the selected license. Other items in bundle are NOT affected
StripeEnabledYESCharge card for remaining days AND update the auto-renewal charge to Super Pro price for 1 license. The other items in the bundle are NOT affected
PayPalDisabledNOThe remaining time on the license will be decreased by the price difference between Pro and Super Pro. No charge is made to PayPal
PayPalEnabledNOCannot be done. Please disable the subscription for this license and purchase another at Super Pro level
Pay-by-InvoiceN/AN/APlease contact support so they can manually upgrade the license(s)

If you have issues with the upgrade process, please submit a request to support with a screenshot of the error and a description of when it happens for further assistance.

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