What to Do if My Credit Card Was Declined?

If your credit card payment with Stripe was declined while trying to purchase or renew a Supermetrics Product, please verify that:

  • The card has not expired.
  • The card has not been reported as stolen or has been recently replaced.
  • The card has enough credit limit left for the full price of the subscription you are trying to buy.

If you have checked these things and the card is still declined with a generic message, you will need to contact the bank who issued the card as they are the ones who are causing it to be declined and they should be able to help you figure out the issue. The most common reasons this can occur are below, so make sure to confirm with your bank that these are not a factor:

  • Payment exceeds card's limit for a one time purchase.
  • Card doesn't have enough credit left to cover the full price.
  • Bank has blocks against foreign payments (Supermetrics is based in Finland).
  • Bank has blocks against Stripe itself.
  • Transaction tripped fraud protections on the card.

We unfortunately don't have the means to manually run cards on our side. If you are unable to figure out with your bank why Stripe won't accept your card, try with a different card or see if you can use one of our other payment options.

After sorting the issue with your card provider, you can manually renew your license (see How Can I Renew/Extend My License? for instructions). IMPORTANT: By manually renewing your license you agree to the current pricing model. 

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