Inactive Insta followers

Hi, i wanted to know if it were possible for Supermetrics to load a list of Instagram handles from different portions of the site to excel. The specific problem I'm looking to solve would be finding inactive instagram followers. Method would be loading all follower handles in excel and then loading the handles of everyone who has liked or commented on recent post. subtracting the second list from the first should only leave the inactvie followers left. Allowing me to either reach out to these accounts or simply remove them.  

  • Hi Christian,

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Unfortunately it appears that your description isn't possible at this time. It's namely not possible to extract the handles of individuals who are following the page.

    You can check our documentation to see the full list of fields available for each connector. If you can't seem to find the field you are looking for, please don't hesitate to submit your request to add a new field to our product development team. 

    Please submit your vote using our Upvoty tool and make sure you have the following pieces of information contained in your request:
    • Name of the field(s) to be added. Please use either the UI label or the name from the API, so we're sure what field you mean;
    • A link to the API documentation that shows the field is supported.

    We would like you to notice that this process can take some time, so we appreciate your patience while we work on the request.



    - Supermetrics

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