Custom Metric not populating values

Hello, Im trying to create a metric which is from a blended Source (Facebook ads and google analytics).
the formula is Total Leads = Goal 1 completion (analytics) + on-facebook leads

The result only shows the Goal 1 completion numbers, ignoring the leads i have with the On-facebook lead campaign.

The total result should be 305 and not 170. Any help?


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  • Hi,

    Thank you for contacting us!
    Unfortunately, this issue seems to be about, or caused by, either Data Studio custom calculated fields or blended data sources. Both of these functions are native to Data Studio and as such, Supermetrics cannot offer in-depth support for issues resulting from either function.
    For help with this issue, read the documentation offered below, and if necessary, post your question into the Data Studio Help Community.

    Calculated fields
    Google help article
    How to proceed if you think your issue is not caused by blending or calculated fields
     If you think this issue is not about calculated fields or blending, please take following steps before replying:
     Issue with a blended data source:
     Add an unblended data source and use it to create a query that showcases the problem for us.
     Issue when using calculated fields:
     Add a new source that only has default Supermetrics fields and use that source to build a query to showcase your issue.
    You can see the complete history of this ticket from here:

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    Mark Penaranda

    Twitter: @Supermetrics
    Support forum:
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