Facebook Landing page views + cost/landing page views suddenly stopped reporting numbers

My query has been working fine, pulling in Facebook Ads data for our Facebook campaigns. However, starting on May 3, 2021, the metrics: 'Landing page views'& 'Cost per landing page view' started reporting '0" for both fields. The data is still being reported in the Facebook Ads interface and I made no changes to attribution or to campaign/ad set settings.

query id: IG2pAxsUgIfhPz0kJ7HkPq2svELgRQ

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  • Hi! Did you find a solution for this?

  • Not the same metrics, for me it's a custom conversion via pixel, but the same date it stopped working. Last data is on May 2nd,  and campaign is running continuously. 

    I see uninterrupted conversions' flow in FB reporting under the same old field, just not on the spreadsheet where I pull data via supermetrics.

    Cost, impressions and clicks are still reported well in the spreadsheet, it's just the conversion field that is missing data.

  • I did not. Still broken.
  • Hey, I had a similar problem with different metrics that started on the same date, May 3rd. 

    The issue was that ad groups had different Attribution setting (7day and 14 day click), and once I updated all of them to have the same attribution and refreshed + re-imported data & overwrite with 'Get Data to Table' button, not just refresh), the feed got updated properly.

  • @jelena Radic;

    So you changed the attribution settings in the Facebook Business Ad manager to match what you were using in Supermetrics and it worked?

    I also have same situation where my ad sets have much different attribution settings: 7 day, 7 day/1 view, 28 day but i was worried about changing those settings in the Facebook ad manager and thought you were supposed to just change settings in Supermetrics?

  • In these kinds of problems it's really important you deeply look into our guide


    and make the needed changes.

    The most typical ways to solve this are to check

    - For conversion window settings' double check, review which setting you are using on Ads manager, and choose same setting in Supermetrics:

    - For Report time of action stat double check, review which setting you are using on Supermetrics, and update to "conversion date" if it's not that already. Impression date is the old, deprecated setting:

    (111 KB)
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