Facebook post engagements data is not matching with Facebook platform

The data of Facebook post engagement is not matching with Facebook platform.

Is there any possible reason or any way to solve the problem?

Or can I calculate the numbers through the rest of data(i.e. comments, three-second views etc...)? 

  • Hi Alice,

    Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear about this issue.

    If your issue has been recently started, it could be related to the iOS 14 update by Facebook (What You Need to Know for the Facebook Ads iOS 14 Changes). In this case, one common reason for seeing a discrepancy is mismatching with the time zone or conversion window between your Supermetrics report and the original data source interface.

    Please note, that due to the iOS14 update, as of the week of April 26th, 28-day click, 28-day view, and 7-day view windows are no longer be supported, and will only be available via the API for historical data.

    You can find more information and tips to tackle the issue here:

    A very good chance of fixing the issue could be to double-check the "Report Time of Action Stat" setting of the connector (possibly from Impression date to Conversion date) but we'd need more data on this. If this helps you, please let us know.

    If the discrepancy still appears or you think that it is not related to the above iOS 14 updates, please let us know by mailing us at support@supermetrics.com. We're here to help you!

    Thank you in advance.  


    Best regards,

    Meri Virtanen, 
    Customer Support Specialist
  • I had the same issue even with the "on conversion date" setting

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