Error: There are temporary issues with the Facebook Ads API.

Hi, we've been getting this issue for around 2 weeks now. We've tried disabling the scheduled refreshes but that didn't help at all. Any suggestions? Here is the full message:

Error: There are temporary issues with the Facebook Ads API. We could not complete this query as there have been too many Facebook requests generated by your queries within the last hour, please try again later

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  • Thank you for reaching out to us!

    The error message can be caused by many triggers/queries running at the same time. We'd recommend you reduce the data requests to the Facebook API in a short timespan by:

    • If you have triggers on several sheets with large FA queries, you should try to space those triggers out by more than an hour, so they don’t cause a sudden usage spike and trigger the error message.
    • Remove any redundant triggers on Sheets/Excel. 
    • Remove unnecessary FA queries (or chart elements on Data Studio), or reduce the size and scope of those being used by:

    If the issue persists after you have applied these recommended solutions, please kindly send us a support ticket so that we can investigate your case in more detail.

    Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. 


    Best regards,

    Aurora, Supermetrics Team

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