Facebook ads data showing "0" in GDS

Hey! So today 9 out of my 10 reports made on Google data studio started showing zeros in every metric (except spent). Anybody else experiencing this issue??

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  • Change the Report time of action stats from "On impression date" to "On conversion date". ios14.5 issue.

     Report time of action stats

  • My problem is a bit more complex. I re-established the facebook ads supermetrics connector and:

    - in every report of april all data is shown correctly

    - in some of the reports of may, the data is shown correctly but in other reports all the purchasing information (revenue, roas, transactions) are full of 0s. The thing is that only the conversion metrics are full of 0s. The rest (clicks, cost, cpc, cpm) are showing correctly. 

    Facebook reporting (from my business account) is shown data but the connector is not transmitting the data correctly. 

  • Hello, I think the problem is conversion date vs impression date.

    I had the same issue, I changed and now its ok!

  • Hey, I have the same problem.

    I tried to change from "On impression date" to "On conversion date", but still have the same problem.

    Thank you therefore.


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