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Hi folks,

rookie questions: I'm using supermetrics with Facebook ads for as subscription business. We look at CPA on a month-to-date basis and I'm trying to show the trajectory of the month-to-date CPA improving over time.

the default is obviously showing daily CPA which basically displays the individual fluctuation of each day but doesn't display the rolling CPA average over the course of the month.

Any advice on how to achieve that?

  • Hi, 

    If I've understood you correctly, this can be achieved using the comparison period feature - have you tried that? If using that feature though, kindly keep this in mind: 

    Why Are My Comparison Period Values Blank?

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    Zainab / Supermetrics Team

  • no, sorry. Here's what we're trying to do.

    We driving subscriptions and measuring CPA. We started advertising at a specific date (23 March). We want to create a chart that shows the decline of CPA from that starting point to date. So basically a daily figure showing avg CPA on date range (23 March - Today).

    At the moment what we can create is basically a daily average of CPA, but that only displays the figure of the given day, but doesn't show the trend of the rolling average.

    Hope that makes sense

    ps: we don't use sheets and don't need it - everything we need is direct from FB to DataStudio through SM

  • Hi, 

    Thanks for the clarification. 

    It is unfortunately out of our support scope to offer such detailed report building assistance. Our professional services team on the other hand offer dashboard building services, as well as, tailored training for your team. You can find more information on professional services here - link.

    If there's anything else we can help with, please don't hesitate to submit a support ticket

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    Zainab / Supermetrics Team

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