Filtering by Campaign Name using Facebook Ads Into Google Sheets


I am a small advertising agency looking for a new platform to use for my metrics, and Supermetrics seems to be direction I will be going in. I have started a 14 day trial with you this past week, and am running into a problem. I have several ad accounts for different clients, and I am wanting to view results for certain ad campaigns for each of the clients. I have tried to create a filter "Campaign Name," and in "Operator-> EQUALS" I input the specific campaign name. When I create a table an error appears saying "Query failed: Your query returned no data." 

I then tried leaving the "Operator-> EQUALS" field empty, and a table is successfully made. My only problem is I am unsure what Ad Campaign Name the platform is pulling the data from because I have several Campaigns running through each Ad Account.

If you could give me some guidance on how to create tables based on the Ad Campaign Name, I would greatly appreciate it!



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