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Hello! I'd like to add "Page Followers" as a metric with a period-over-period comparison. I know this can be done, but am only getting total followers with a 0% increase when comparing to a fixed previous period. 

Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to best show quarterly follower growth on Instagram? 

  • The only way i know would be google sheets, storing data and combining with new ones.

  • Hi, 

    The Profile Followers metric is a lifetime metric that cannot be split by time, it will only pull the current total of page followers. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Facebook API and there's nothing we can do on our side to change this until a new version of the API that allows it is released.

    As stated in the comment above, collecting historical data with the 'Combine new results with old' is one way to achieve this, but this option is sadly not available in Data Studio. 

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics Team 

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