Per product breakdown - best approach? (FB/Google/Snapchat marketing metrics, breaking down reporting per product)

Hi, in my google sheet I'm needing to breakdown the marketing reporting on a per product basis.

My campaigns are split out per product, and the campaign titles refer to the product, so I'm currently importing all the data through one query and then referencing the columns in another part of the spreadsheet.

The issue with this though is every time I make a new campaign it breaks because the new campaign ads a new column and throws the references off.

Ideally I would want to have a query per product, which filters for the product name using the campaign name. This way it shouldn't matter if I'm adding campaigns.

My question is though, is this going to be too many queries? (say 5 products I want breakdowns for, across google/snap/FB+ any others, so that's already 15+ queries/day) 

If so, do you think it's best to have a separate sheet for each product query? Or is there a better approach?


  • Answered in the ticket, as the case is a bit specific. More generally though, yes I'd say multi sheet solution is good and filtration might increase load of the queries/triggers, but we'll find out by trying.

    We also have a Profession Services team for handling paid sheet design.

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