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Since yesterday I'm getting a strange error message with all my Facebook Ads queries.

"Error: There are temporary issues with the Facebook Ads API. We could not complete this query as there have been too many Facebook requests generated by your queries within the last hour, please try again later"

The problem is that is lasting for more than 24hours now and I need some help to update my databases. Also, I'm getting the same error with all my Face Ads queries.

Can someone help me?



















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  • Hi! I am also experiencing the same issue almost every day.

    Even when I make a single extract at 3 am when the API should not have "too many Facebook requests" as no one uses our dashboards those hours... still the extract fails.

    What we can do Supermetric team?


  • I have this same issue also every day! It's killing me! Also, I have two licences and one is hitting this, the other not. Did you find a solution?

  • I have the same issue - most of the times a manual refresh resolved this issue but since this week (probably due to the iOS14.5 changes ?) I cannot get any data from queries that worked fine before. 

  • Facing same problem from a long time now, recently getting this error almost for every run. Please look into this ASAP

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