What is the Best Way to pull Conversion Numbers and Conversion Values from an AdWords Account?

My goal is to report ROAS numbers in Data Studio -- on an account level. I have about 400 Google Adwords accounts to monitor via Data Studio connectors to Analytics and AdWords. In addition, I need to report the conversion value/conversion cost for the entire web site - including organic and other sources. 

Is there a way to parse out the conversion value from Analytics with case statements and a custom metric for each source/medium?

thanks in advance.

  • Hi, 

    Both our Google Ads and Google Analytics connectors have default ROAS and Conversion Value fields, so there's no need to create custom calculated fields - please let me know if I've misunderstood your question. You can simply create a query with ROAS (metic) split by Account (dimension) and Conversion value (metric) split by Source/Medium (dimension). 

    You can find documentation on all supported fields here: 


    I hope this helps. 

    Best regards, 

    Zainab / Supermetrics

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