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Hey I urgently need to access the data to how many messages I receive through my Ads. Currently I can only seem to get New Messages within 7 days.

Does anyone know the solution?

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  • Hi Bailey,

    We also have the 'New messaging conversations' dimension available in addition to the within 7 days option. You can find it under the Messaging header in our documentation: https://supermetrics.com/docs/integration-facebook-ads-fields/

    I hope this answers your question! 


    - Supermetrics

  • Hi Meno,

    Do you have a total count? I run multiple campagins for similar goals and have people messaging more then once a week for each and need to be able to count them.

    Is this possible?

  • Hey,

    Tha same issue - we have "New Messages within 7 days" but do not have "Messaging replies" how can we get an access to the replies? It is critical for us... 

  • Hey,

    The same issue: we have only "New Messages within 7 days". "Messaging replies" doesnt work...Is it possible to get an access to replies? It is critical for us..

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