Facebook Unique Link Clicks Discrepancies

Noticing some big discrepancies when looking at unique link clicks in Google Sheets.

Setting my date range to the month of December and not using any "split by dimensions", i get the exact number of unique link clicks that I see in ads manager.

However, when I add "Date" as my split by dimension, and then sum up the column, i'm off by about 25%. 

Has anyone else run into this issue?

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  • Hello and thanks for your question!

    This is actually an expected result. Facebook has several metrics it considers unique - in this case, the uniqueness is even mentioned in the title of the metric.
     Unique metrics are calculated for the date range selected on the Facebook side - thus, for the whole month, you get a comparable result - for each date, you get an accurate amount for each separate date, but you cannot sum them up to get a total - it will not match. 

    If you break down the results by day using Supermetrics, then remember to compare to daily results on the Facebook side also - they will match.

    Please see part "Reach (or Other Calculated Unique Metric) Does Not Match Insights UI/Export Report" in this article to find out more:

    Note: the article is written for Facebook Insights, but this part also pertains to Facebook Ads.

  • Hi! I have the exact same problem with the OP, but with the Data Studio FB Ads connector. While I understand the point of the discrepancies when summing dates, I can't get why I have a bug discrepancy when I just choose a specific date range, no matter what this will be: 1-day, 7-day, 28-day, 1 month, random range etc. Since it's a metric taken from the FB API, shouldn't it be the same value when not adding dates? I'm also referring to "Unique Link Clicks". I've also tried all comparing windows.


  • Hi Apostolos, thank you for the message!

    If you are seeing discrepant results, and the article linked above does not help you come to a solution, please use the link provided at the end of said article to drop us a support ticket, and our support agents will assist you in troubleshooting!

    Thank you!

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