Facebook Insights: No aggregation of post data possible

I have trouble to get aggregations i.e. sums of post data with the Facebook Insights connector. 

We need for example the sum of all unique clicks of posts in a specific time period as general KPI, but the connector is then missing the post context (Error "When fetching the post_link_clicks_unique metric, you must split by post-level dimensions). The right behavoir of the connector should be to automatically set the context to all posts inside the period when there is no specific one set over dimensions. 

A workaround over the field "Content clicks" with a filter on "Content click type" is not solving the problem as we need unique clicks.

Due to this problem also the native sums line in Data Studio tables is not working as long as only one of the post related metrics is included in the table. -> Same error, the connector doesn't "see" the post dimension scope anymore.

Can this be fixed or is there a proper workaround for?

Best regards

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