Calculating gross margin on Shopify

Hello. Just about to get started on the Shopify data studio and I am trying to find the field reference for wholesale price so I can calculate gross margin 

revenue - wholesale - ad costs = gross margin

This is crucial for scaling my ad spend... is there anyway to get this other than manual entry into a google sheet?

  • Hi Andy,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    I went through our resources, and unfortunately, it does not look like our connector supports a field for "Wholesale price" at the moment. You can find a list of fields we support for this connector here: 

    We're not quite sure right now if this field is available from the underlying Shopify API. This connector is constantly being updated so the fields you need may appear in the future, but if there are specific fields you would like to see, please see the guide for Requesting Missing Metrics and Dimensions for what to check and what we need to make the feature request to have the fields added.

    We're asking for your help with this as you know best what kind of field is it that you're after and you can pinpoint it from the documentation with better accuracy than us. Once it is confirmed that the data source's API supports the field you are asking for and you provide the information needed in step #3, then we can put in the feature request to the developer team. 

    If you find a suitable field, please be aware that the process to add the new fields may take some time, so we appreciate your patience.
    You can see the complete history of this ticket from here:

    Best regards,
    Mark Penaranda

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