Data Studio, Facebook Insights Connector - Incorrect Metrics

We are trying to sort unpaid Facebook posts by Total Engagement (Reactions+Shares+Comments). 

"Page Post Engagements" breaks the table.

If we try to sum up engagement, it shows as zero - no matter what combination we do with the available metrics (e.g. "sum(Total Post Reactions+Shares+Comments)".

Additionally, Engagement Rate does not appear to match with any metrics directly from a Facebook Insights raw data export. (i.e. What is the calculation for the Supermetrics Engagement Rate metric?).

  • Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    The reason this happens is because page_post_engagements returns data for the whole page so it won't work when you try split it per individual post. Instead you can use post-level metrics such as 'total post reactions' and it should work. You can see the full list of available post-level metrics from our Facebook Insights documentation:

    Hope this helps!




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