Google Data Studio json connector - Unexpected error

There was an error yesterday (everything worked fine before)

Data fetching error: Unexpected error: ....

Error id: 09037fc4

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  • We are having a similar problem with the CSV connector. We have been using the CSV for months with no problem, and yesterday it started to throw an error in the screenshot attached.

    (55.6 KB)
  • Hi,

    With this error message "Unexpected error: <foo>.csv" appearing around last Wednesday, this is an issue we now understand more thoroughly.

    We have discovered an issue on Google's end that impacts queries with Custom JSON/CSV or Google Sheets connectors, causing them to fail intermittently. 

    While we wait for Google to fix the issue, you can work around the problem by enabling "Anyone with the link" sharing on the source file (if it's hosted on a service where this option is available). The issue may also affect email triggers with CSV or TSV attachments when the report does not have "Anyone with the link" sharing on. To fix any issues with emails temporarily, please try to either change the sharing settings to "Anyone with the link", or change the attachment type from CSV or TSV (to Excel for example).

    To make sure the issue gets the necessary attention from Google, we would like to ask you to please upvote the related thread on Google's issue tracker

    We will continue to look for solutions to get around the issue and update you as soon as we have more information. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this. 

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