Unable to add a new shopify store to data studio connector


I am trying to connect my data studio to a new shopify store. I dont see it in the list of stores.


I tried to reauthenticate the connector and entered my new store name and completed the procedure. Now after this when I try to create a connector I see the same single store above. But when I click the reauthentication link on the above image and I go to this page where I see the two store names. But cant see it while creating the datasource. 

imageFirst time I clicked on the link and added my second store name and all as described above I saw only one store account on both the above pages.

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  • Any luck? I'm having the same issue.

  • Hi,

    Apologies for the inconveniences caused by this issue.

    The Shopify connector works a bit differently from the other connectors - it caches data when a new store is added and it will take a while for the new store to show up in the connector. 

    If the store isn't showing up after an hour or so since connecting, please take a look at this support guide and follow the instructions given:

    Your store should be listed by now. Let us know if the store is still unlisted from the data source after waiting and after force refreshing for account data.

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  • Yep. It fired up after about a day. Thanks

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