Facebook Ads: Certain fields can't be used by formulas ("Post Message" field)

Dear Supermetrics Team, 

I want to create a calculated field in Data Studio: if the field "Post Message" from the Facebook Ads connector contains a certain word, the the calculated field should contain another word as a result. 

Example: Post Messe ist "Hello World, xxx #sunshine" I want the calculated field to show "Category Sunshine".

This usually works with a formula, BUT not with all fields from the connector. Thats weird because I see no reason why this would be the case.

I use this formula, and it works perfect, EXCEPT for the field "Post Message"


WHEN CONTAINS_TEXT(Post message, "sunshine") THEN "Category Sunshine"

WHEN CONTAINS_TEXT(Post message, "other word") THEN "Category XY"

ELSE "Other"


 Is the field "Post Message" special in any way? It should be a regular text field, and therefore work with formulas. But it does not. It would be great if you could give an advise, if thats an issue with the data, or with Data Studio.

Thank you!

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