Wrong floodlight level information returned through SA360 connector

There seem to be a technical issue with the SA360 connector where it's no longer possible to pull the correct information for floodlight dimensions (name, type, ID, group, etc) and metrics (mainly action and transactions). For example, the dimension "Floodlight activity" used to return the floodlight name but it now returns an integer, the dimension "floodlight activity tag" used to return the tag of the floodlight but it now returns the name of the floodlight, the "action" metric used to return the number of conversions for the associated floodlight but it now returns 17 digits numbers. It seems like there's been a shift in the API and the correct context for the correct dimension/metric is no longer returned. Anyone else is experiencing this issue? i tried recreating the queries on other sheets to see if it could be a caching issue but it's still there. 

  • Hello,

    There was a temporary glitch with the SA360 connector but it should be fixed now. Please refresh the queries.  

    Sorry for the inconveniences caused by this.


    Supermetrics Team

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