Append new data below existing lines (google sheets)

I want to have a sheet that captures my conversions every day from Google ads.

I want that each time it runs, it won't change the previous rows and will only put the data in a new row.

Is this possible?

  • Hi,

    Yes, it is possible. The feature "Combine new results with old" in Google Sheets can help you with this. You can set the date range for a short duration (e.g., last 2 days), and set the query to refresh every day. Every time the query refreshes, it will only fetch new data for the last two days, but will keep the old data in the sheet. You can refer to this guide "How do I use the Combine new results with old setting" for more information on how to set up this feature.

    In case your query doesn't have "Date" dimension available, look in to "How Do I Use the "APPEND_RESULTS" Setting?" solution article for the append feature in Google Sheets. 

    -- Supermetrics Team

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