Facebook Ads x Google Data Studio Hourly Views

Hi there,

I have been trying to display impressions from hourly ad view (viewer's time zone).

But the data just not showing up. Is there anything I can do?

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  • I got the same problem :(

  • I also encountered the same problem


  • Hey guys, I managed to pull data out by changing the Type at the data source:



  • Thank you for this advice but it didn't work for me. It even created a error message. :(

  • Hi, 

    thank you for reaching out to us!

    The HOUR fields (advert account time zone) and (viewer's time zone) should work if you change the type of the field to "Text". 

    Please be noted that the field type is "Text" so it can be properly displayed in Table, Column, or Line chart, but not in Time series chart. 

    @Hanna: could you kindly send us a new ticket so that we can investigate the issue further? We might need to access your data to investigate the error cause.  


    Supermetrics Team

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