Combine Conversion Type & Cost


I'm working in a Dashboard Data Studio with a Google Ads by Supermetrics source.

I would like to show cost and cost-per-conversion with a Converstion Type filter. 

Does anybody some solution to do that ? 

I tried to created a new field "CPA" like this : CPC * clicks  but it doesn't work.

Thanks for help

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  • Hi!

    Splitting by or Filtering by Conversion Type only works with Conversions as a metric. Other metrics, e.g. Cost, or Clicks, or Cost per conversion, when combined with Conversion Type lead to failed queries. Unfortunately, this is the way Google Ads API allows us to get it. Even native Google Ads connector delivers the same results. This is out of our hands to proceed further until Google decides to change the methodology of pulling other metrics with Conversion Type. 

    - Supermetrics Team

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