Data Studio: My metrics are visualized as dimensions and are not changing into metrics when changing data type.

I created a super metrics connection to Data Studio, to visualize my Facebook data in Data Studio. 

However, all my metrics are shown as dimensions. If I change the data type to Number and set an aggregation level, normally they should change into metrics, but they are not. 

So for example, my "amount spend" metric is a dimension now, and if I set it to currency, it stays a dimension, which makes it impossible to create correct custom metrics on this field. 
Anyone experienced this problem before and knows a solution?

  • Hi, 

    So sorry to keep you waiting! 

    What you describe is due to recent changes in the Data Studio UI - currently, third-party connections are not able to define the data type, thus all parameters are displayed as dimensions (green).

    However, this doesn't change the basic configuration of the fields in the backend, it's only a frontend change; so, if you place the fields correctly in the queries (e.g. drag them in the metric section), you will get data normally.

    If the fields are not behaving like metrics even when selected as a metric, please re-authenticate the connector and refresh fields:

    How do I Re-Authenticate a Data Studio Connector?

    How do I Refresh Fields/Update a Connector?

    I hope this clarifies the situation. If you have any further questions or issues, don't hesitate to submit a new support ticket.

    Best regards,

    - Supermetrics Team

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