How can I pull the data only on week days or weekends?

1. I want to pull the sessions only on weekends. (The selected dates is last month)

If I select "Week (Sun-Sat)", what should I key in in the column of "value"?

2. If I want to pull the data only on week days (Mon-Fri), what should I select in the "Field"? 

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  • Hi, 

    One option is to filter using regular expressions:

    Use the "MATCHES REGEX" filter, and then as value (without the quotation marks): 

    1. filter out weekends with "^[6-7]"

    2. filter out weekdays with "^[1-5]" 

    Shortly, the ^ means that what comes next should match the start of the line (each weekday starts with a number from 1-7, Monday being 1 and Sunday 7).

    The following brackets include firstly the weekend from 6-7, and the second one has the weekdays (1-5).

    More on regular expressions can be found from Googling "regular expressions", or here:

    Please note that you will need two separate queries for this.

    Sample weekdays filter: 

    I hope this helps. 

    Best regards, 

    - Supermetrics Team

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