Pull Google Analytics data from different attribution models

I have seen various older posts here saying it isn't possible to pull data from Google Analytics with an attribution model that is different from the standard last-click non-direct.

Since Attribution is now in Beta in Google Analytics I was wondering whether anything changed is this respect? Can we expect to pull data from different attribution models with Supermetrics for Excel? If not, when will this be introduced?

  •  Attribution is at once a simple and complex process: Although it’s easy to set an attribution model in Google Analytics, it’s tough to weigh the implications of each model, especially with the model you choose affecting the perceived value of your campaigns. And if you want to set up a custom attribution model, you need a deep understanding of both the attribution process and the Google Analytics platform.Fears of failure required students to do great that can give them a chance to secure their marks and pass in the exams this is because students best essay  experts from highly capable writers who are giving some kind of hope to students and write their educational papers like assignments, essays, paper or other academic task that is not finished by student their own.

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