Ahref is not showing some ranking keyword

I have posted many article on my brand site and it is not showing ranking of many keyword. I don't know why it is happening to me. Please visit my site and tell me what type of mistake i am doing and what you suggest to get fruitful results. 

  • Hi Christine,

    As your issue requires some sensitive information exchange, I have sent you an email so we can continue solving this through a private ticket.

    -Supermetrics Team

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    This is a very common problem, here is an example of wowessays.

    1 you could forget to remove some parameters

    2. References noindex

  • It come to know that Ahref provide free support for one website?

  • This is a very common issue. Sometimes Ahref is not proper work and does not show the ranking keywords. I also faced this type of problem in my assignment making websites so I have a good experience. But, after some days, everything is going perfect all keywords is shown perfectly.

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