Facebook Ads queries incomplete after adding new metrics

I have nineteen Facebook Ads accounts that I need to import metrics for to Google Sheets. Initially I selected the metrics Amount spent (USD), Website leads, and On-Facebook leads. The queries completed without a problem.

Unfortunately, not all the accounts had leads pulled in with those metrics. I found out that across the nineteen Facebook Ads accounts, there are about 35 metrics that can contain lead data. In the SuperMetrics sidebar, I was able to select all 35 metrics. However, when I run the queries now, only one of the nineteen accounts pulls in data.

I don't get any error message, the query simply takes a long time and then appears complete, except that only the one account has data in the spreadsheet.

What could be causing this issue?

  • Hi Holly,

    this requires query specific inspection so I sent you an email.

    - Supermetrics team

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