Weekly Split (Mon-Sunday) Header Naming and Weekly Refresh for Facebook Ads


I'm trying to create a weekly refresh for 'Amount Spent' from campaigns on Facebook, split by Mon-Sun. I've ran into a few issues and have looked at the forum, but I'm not sure if there a is a solution.

In the screenshot, this is the data I am pulling in from Facebook. The two main problems I have is renaming the WeekISO header, I'd  like it to show the date rather than the week. I have tried TIME_DIMENSION_FORMAT_m/d/Y in advanced settings - doesnt seem to work?

Secondly, I'd like to refresh this table every Monday 6am for the previous week, my understanding is this should be a scheduled refresh with the setting 'combine new results with old' is this correct?


(33.7 KB)
  • Also just tried advanced setting of TIME_DISP_START_DATE with column split of Mon-Sun - doesn't look like its working?

  • Hi

    this requires query specific inspection so I sent you an email.

    -Supermetrics Team

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